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Welcome to 87ink.net
87ink is a new way to connecting you and your work to other media related proffessionals. Signs up and be part of the team.

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Welcome to 87ink.net

Your first step in the film industry

87ink is the new way to connect you and your work to other media professionals.

• Post your reel
• Hand pick your film crew
• Post work related ads on the billboard

Connect with our professional crew members

  • Directors
  • Producers
  • Casting directors
  • Editors
  • Production designers
  • Lighting designers
  • Cinematographers
  • Script supervisors
  • Grips and gaffers
  • Make up artists
  • Stylists
  • Costume designers
  • Actors
  • Script writers
  • Production assistants

87 ink will host a 24 hr chat room that will connect you to other members in the field. Topics include help on the set or on upcoming projects. Start up a free membership and create your own profile. Interact with other professional crew members.

Steps to create your profile:
1. Post your picture or headshot
2. Enter your e-mail and mobile phone number
3. Your city and state
4. Union or non-union
5. Past film credits

Be professional at all times!  Be known here first.

For the up and comers
• Extras
• Actors
• Writers

1. Create your own profile
2. Post your headshot pics
3. Post a video introducing yourself
4. Contact info
5. City and state
6. Union, non-union
7. Age and last credits

Keep track of work in the billboard room. Keep it clean and professional at all times

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